Park Place Porsche owners experience what their cars are capable of on the test track and the racetrack.

For 22 lucky Park Place Porsche enthusiasts it was the weekend of a lifetime. It all started at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. The afternoon kicked off with a luncheon at Restaurant 356, a nod to the iconic James Dean Speedster. Our clients met with Porsche coaches and were fluently speaking German driving in no time.

Next, it was off to the 1.6-mile driver development track, or playground, as they like to call it. This challenging, hands-on driving experience has six different modules. The Dynamics Area tested speed and agility. The Handling Circuit taught proper cornering and braking techniques. Two different Low-Friction modules demonstrated the Porsche’s over-steer abilities. The Kick Plate tested vehicle control skills in a skid. And, the Off-Road Circuit showcased the capabilities of the Cayenne.


We then boarded a plane and headed off to a 24-hour party in Daytona, but this wasn’t Spring Break. The second leg of the trip was attending the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The Park Place Motorsports 73 car fought its way to the lead but, as is often the case in endurance racing, weather became a factor. Falling temperatures, rain, and ultimately a back marker ended what was a promising start.

The rain, however, didn’t dampen the spirit of this group. The revelry and the racing continued through the night. The next day the group headed back to Dallas with a few new driving skills and lots of great memories. The weekend went by quickly, but that tends to happen when you’re in a Porsche.

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